We bake a range of artisan breads including ciabatta and sourdough.

Our sourdough bread is made using the traditional method, which uses the natural process of fermentation to develop the dough over two days. The result is an airy but substantial loaf of freshly baked bread, free of preservatives and added gluten.

Our sourdough breads come in a variety of flavours including Olive and Rosemary, Fig and Fennel, Multigrain and Light Rye. As well as producing traditional shaped loaves, we also produce our White and our Multigrain flavours in square shaped loaves, to fit more easily into lunch boxes and toasters.

Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, oil, salt and a small amount of yeast. The bread has a firm crust with a light and airy interior. We make our ciabatta bread in small rolls, sandwich loaves, and also in free form loaves, which are great for use on platters!

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