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Perryman’s Favourites – Savoury
A mixed platter of our savoury pastries. Heated, and packaged in a square platter box. Includes sauce. Price is per person.
Baguettes Platter
Made with our freshly baked bread and filled with a range of meats and/or salads. 10" Baguette cut in thirds. Price is per baguette.
Sandwich Platter
Made with our freshly baked bread and filled with a range of meats and/or salads. Sandwiches are cut in quarters. Price is per sandwich.
Wraps Platter
Filled with a range of meats and/or salads. Wraps are are cut in halves. Price is per wrap.
Perryman’s Favourites – Sweet
A platter of our best-selling sweets including cakes, donuts and our iconic gingerbread. Pieces per platter: 35. Serves approximately 20 people.
Perryman’s Cakes Platter
A platter of assorted bar cakes. Pieces per platter: 54. Serves approximately 25 people.
Devonshire Tea Platter
Perryman's scones with strawberry conserve and whipped cream. Each platter contains 6 scones (12 pieces).
Biscuits Platter
An assortment of biscuits including our iconic gingerbread. Price is per person.
Seasonal Fruit Platter
Serves approximately 25 people.

Terms & Conditions

*From the 5th May to the 23rd May, please note that if you require a celebration cake on a Thursday or Friday that your order is placed by Wednesday 5pm.*

  • 24 Hours notice is required for all weekday orders. Weekend orders are required to be placed by 5:00pm Thursday. If you require an order outside of these timeframes, please call the bakery to see if we can accommodate your needs. 
  • Delivery is available Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm within a 15km radius of North Adelaide for a fee of $15. An additional fee will apply for deliveries further away. If you require delivery outside of these times, please call the bakery to discuss. 

Perryman’s Bakery: 8267 2766